Sosteniendo un pincel



The journey within.

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Born 1986 in Zurich.

He studied photography at the Peruvian Institute of Art and Design in Lima, Peru. After years of visual exploration, with and through the camera, Miguel feels the call to return to his brushes and pigments to continue navigating the mysterious world of images.


„Since I can remember, I have always been very curious and amazed by the visual world around me, starting from the moss formations on the wood, the rays of light that cut through the forest mist, the facial expressions that are shown as doors to internal worlds. "


He fell in love how the impressionist avant-garde used and applied color, admires the rawness of the german expressionists, drank from the source of the symbolists and surrealists, and found a lot of inspiration in the freshness, madness and sincerity of the art brut movement.


Miguel Carbajal considers himself a seeker. The motors of his artistic creation are the pleasure and spontaneity of the creative act, the awareness of being and the connection with the environment.

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